Frequently Asked Questions

Do our Ozone Generators Kill Mold?

ABSOLUTELY…. Ozone kills viruses bacteria mold and even more importantly mold and bacterial spores on virtually any surface that it comes in contact with and in the air itself. That being said they are not a a substitute for proper mold remediation. They are however an absolutely necessary part of the process, if you want to perform a proper mold remediation. 

Is Ozone Safe? 

Ozone is absolutely NOT safe to breathe… That is why our technicians follow a strict protocol in the use of the Ozone generators. In addition, The MOST IMPORTANT rule is : RULE OF 3 "P’s":  NO PEOPLE  NO PLANTS  NO PETS...... EVER!  That Means the Technicians Use Our Equipment In UNOCCUPIED SPACES Only! 

Will the ecOzone treatment Solve my Odor Problem? 

Our high output ozone Machines results are guranteed. The fact is that ozone gas in high concentrations will destroy germs over 3000x faster than chlorine and literally destroys virtually any organic odors.